‘I Do Love A Chase,’ Cara Delevingne Talks Love

'I Do Love A Chase,' Cara Delevingne Talks Love


by Laura Donaldson |

She recently refuted claims she and rumoured girlfriend St Vincent have split stating “I am very much in love,” and now Cara Delevingne has opened up about what it takes to tie her down.

The model, who has been in high-profile romances with Harry Styles and Michelle Rodriguez in the past, normally stays pretty coy on the subject but has revealed that when dating she fancies herself as a “bit of a predator.”

In a new interview Cara, 22, told website News.com.au: “I’m someone who loves to chase. I’m a bit of a predator but not in a weird way.

“I do love a chase and I also love to be chased. It depends on how your chemistry works.'

It was first reported that Cara and musician St.Vincent, 32, were together after they were spotted together at a BRIT Awards party in February, although it is thought that they had started dating in secret long before that. More recently the pair attended the star-studded Burberry party in LA together spending the entire evening at each other’s sides.

As well as opening up about her love life, Cara also talked about her very successful career. Despite being one of the most high-profile models in the world, Cara revealed that she never saw herself on the catwalk. “I never thought I’d be a model. I never wanted to be a model and I never thought people would actually want me to be a model,” she said, “I was a feral kid, a big tomboy. Beauty wasn’t important at all and it still isn’t in a way.”

Cara also revealed that she is a huge yoga fan, crediting the practise with helping her beat some of her demons. Admitting that she feels she had made a lot of mistakes in her life the model said: “Yoga saved my life, as did meditation. Before I found yoga I didn’t know how to be by myself or how to say no to people.

“I was very much a people pleaser. I never actually knew what I wanted in life until I discovered yoga and the importance of taking time for oneself. It really taught me how to connect to myself emotionally and how to love myself.”

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