Can Your Retina Detach From Too Much Late Night Texting?

A 26-year-old Chinese man apparently suffered a detached retina because he texted his girlfriend at night too much.


by Alya Mooro |
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How many times have you let your phone ring out only to text "sorry, can't pick up, text me instead."

We're not too sure why but picking up the phone has become a thing of the past, with many preferring to Whatsapp, iMessage, Instagram or Facebook their conversations instead.

Seems all that texting isn't too great on the eyes, though. A 26-year-old Chinese man was recently admitted to the hospital after suffering a detached retina (!) which doctors claim was the result of spending hours texting his girlfriend in the dark. What.The.Hell.

The *Want China Times *have reported that the man used to spend hours texting his girlfriend from work and at night in bed when he began to experience sudden flashes in the corner of his eyes. He went to the doctor who diagnosed him with retinal detachment and gave him emergency eye surgery to restore his vision.

Retinal detachment is apparently pretty common in the elderly, but is now becoming increasingly prevalent in younger people thanks to excessive mobile phone use gulp.

New York–based ophthalmologist Dr. Samuel L. Guillory however told the Daily Dot that this young man's condition probably wasn't caused by late-night texting. He said: 'There's no proof that most devices we use, like computers and smartphones, cause damage to the retina.'

To any guys reading this, "sorry, I don't want to wear out my retinas" is not a good excuse to not text us back.

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