You Can Now Track Your Vagina’s Fitness With An App. Of Course You Can.

It costs £149 – just in case you fancy honing your mad kegel skillz

You Can Now Track Your Vagina's Fitness Because 2015

by Alya Mooro |
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We’re already tracking everything from how many steps we take to the calories we eat and the hours we sleep, so really it was only a matter of time before we started tracking our vaginas, too. Yup, there’s now a way to track your vagina’s fitness because it’s 2015 and, everyone knows there's nothing worse than having an unfit vagina (although, TBH, we don't even know what that means).

Kegel excercises have long been a thing – they’re the exercises women do to help strengthen their pelvic floor (the muscle you use to stop peeing mid-flow). Why would you ever need to strengthen the inside of your vagina though? Weeeell, for starters it’s rumoured to help you achieve orgasm more easily, so there is that.

Aaaanyway, say you do want to strengthen that pelvic floor: up until now it's been pretty tricky to measure your progress... for obvious reasons. Now, UK start-up Chiaro are selling a device called Elvie – a small Bluetooth-enabled egg that you insert inside your vagina that can track the strength of your muscle contractions using motion sensors.

The egg-shaped device, available for sale as of this week, is partnered with an app that not only tracks your strength, but also includes five-minute exercises to test your strength and see how you’re progressing, plus a game where you have to keep a ball bouncing by contracting and releasing in time. Which is all fine – although not sure we want to add 'not being able to keep a ball bouncing up and down using our kegel muscles' to the list of things we're not very good at. But hey, maybe you're massively confident about your mad kegel skillz, or fancy giving your kegel a challenge, in which case, go for it.

The device is available for £149.


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