You Can Now Find Out Who Ignored Your Friend Requests On Facebook

It's all kicking off now.

You Can Now Find Out Who Ignored Your Friend Requests On Facebook

by Stevie Martin |
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Want to know which arsehole saw your friend request and ignored it? Of course you don't, because it'll make you feel full of rage and make you to go outside and kick a bin. But you're going to anyway, because you can't help it. Just like everyone in The Debrief office couldn't either when we found out how to do it.

So here's how to bring up the list of miscreants (a word that should be used more on womens' lifestyle websites)

Step 1: Click on your friend request icon in a web browser

It won't work on your phone or tablet.


Step 2: Click 'View All'

Or 'See all' as my profile says. Because it's a goddamn deviant.

Step 3: Click 'View Sent Requests'

Take a deep breath

Step 4: Get angry

Then realise it's probably because they mistook you for someone else with a very similar name to yours. Unless your name is Hannibal von Kale-Womble in which case, get really angry.

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