You Can Buy Perfume That Smells Like A Cat’s Paws And Head

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You Can Buy Perfume That Smells Like A Cat's Paws And Head

by Lauren Smith |
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My cat smells wonderful. I don't sniff him all the time, but when I have cat cuddles, he definitely smells pretty decent for a guy that spends a lot of his time outside parading around Tooting with his hareem of cat bitches (next door's lady cats ADORE him, and follow him everywhere). But would I want to bottle his scent and smell it when I am alone in the house and missing his catty aroma? Probably not.

But turns out in Japan, the country that brought us chocolate sliced like cheese, people do want to smell cats, because a company called Fellissimo based in the country has developed a fabric spray called 'scent of cat forehead.' There is also a cream that smells like cat paws - which adorably contains ingredients to make your hands as soft as cat paws.


Featuring the cutest packaging known to man (the little kitten illustration is so sweet!), apparently the cat smell was nailed after extensive research by the head of Yamamoto Perfumery.

So if you're allergic to cats, can't have pets in your home, or just love cat cuddles, you can still enjoy the smell of kitties all damn day.

While this a strange, but kind of adorable product, we started wondering in the office - what other nice scents should be bottled that aren't already? Freshly baked bread, freshly ground coffee, that nice warm, comforting smell that comes out of a laundromat, and er...petrol. Honestly, petrol smells great.

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