This Camel Acts As A Seeing Guide For A Horse And They Are Now BFFs


This Camel Acts As A Seeing Guide For A Horse And They Are Now BFFs

by Alyss Bowen |

It’s Christmas, so excuse yourself from work and hear this story about a blind horse with a camel guide. A 5-year-old camel called Caesar formed a strong, binding friendship with Dolly, the blind horse. Caesar cares for Dolly so much, he is now his guide…camel. Yes you heard correctly.

The two live together at traveling pony X-Press zoo in Winslow, Maine, and live in the same enclosure. Dolly, who has been at the zoo for 10 years, started to lose her vision recently and is now almost completely blind. Enter Caesar, king of the camels. Can you just imagine them walking around the zoo together, Caesar warning Dolly about any steps on their path, making sure she doesn’t bump into any other horses. I feel so connected to these animals. HE’S HER LOBSTER.

And according to the owners Ed Papsis and Candis Veilleux Dolly was even teaching ‘rowdy’ Caesar to behave before she lost her sight.

‘She kept teaching him right, and wrong, and how to act, and as she lost her sight she depended more and more on him. He would kind of be her eyes as far as if she was lost and couldn’t find something, he’d bellow to her and she’d whinny back and they’d come to the feed bucket together.’

I don’t have a clue what bellow and whinny means but I’m assuming it’s like having a lil chat. You guys.

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