Peacock Dressing Will Make You Better At Your Job

Science says so…


by Danielle Fowler |
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It was payday last week but we’re already avoiding checking our bank balance after a hefty Bank Holiday shop. Hey, it was a three-day weekend after all.

But the excuses flood in following every ‘bad day’, impending holiday or promotion at work because shopping is always the answer. No matter what your parents say.

But what if we told you that buying those new Zara shoes could actually benefit your career? Yes, seriously. A study published on the Association For Psychological Science, investigates into whether ignoring work uniform can work in your favour.

Harvard University psychological scientists Silvia Bellezza, Anat Keinan and Francesca Gino, conducted the study and revealed that deliberately dressing to make a statement (peacock dressing if you will), can actually increase your self-confidence and performance at work. That’s our gold Gucci loafers in the shopping basket then.

And the newfound facts are based on high-profile figures who notoriously refuse to follow typical work wear. For example, the researchers wrote within their study that, ‘CEOs of major corporations, including Microsoft’s Bill Gates and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, have been known to appear without ties or even wearing sweatshirts at interviews and formal gatherings such as the World Economic Forum; some successful entrepreneurs have a habit of attending their companies’ board meetings in casual dress, such as jeans and sneakers.’

That’s pyjama dressing at work for us then.

Study author Anat Keinan said in a recent interview with NPR, 'It could just be wearing a colourful tie, or colourful socks or, you know, different shoes. It has to be very clear that it’s deliberate.'

So there you go, make it obvious that you just bought a whole new wardrobe.

Race you to Zara...

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