Bus Driver From Burnley Now Engaged To The Passenger He Spent Six Years Wooing

A love-struck bus driver fell for one of his passengers and six years later they're getting married

Bus Driver From Burnley Now Engaged To The Passenger He Spent Six Years Wooing

by Vicky Spratt |
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It’s like something from a rom com or an urban myth. It’s the sort of romance that you’d never believe could happen in real life.

A bus driver from Lancashire fell in love with one of his passengers and hoped he would be able to woo her and did so for six years, even writing his phone number down on her bus ticket.

His perseverance paid off in the end. The couple spent years exchanging glances on board the bus before finally going on a date.

Jarrod Spedding, 43, said he used to get butterflies when Charlene Liversidge, 33, boarded his Witchway X43 to Manchester.

Jarrod, who has worked on the bus company for 11 years, told the BBC: ‘I used to write my phone number on her bus pass. Eventually, five or six years on, we met up on a night out and hit it off. The rest is history.’

Imagine if they had redirected Jarrod’s route?! Imagine if Charlene had changed jobs?! Thankfully, the universe conspired in their favour. The future Mr and Mrs are now all set to tie the knot. They even had a bus-shaped cake at their engagement to mark how they first met.

Charlene, who works as a carer, said: ‘I didn't know his name, but whenever I saw him I would tell the girls at work. Now we’re engaged and planning our wedding, it’s just surreal.’

Good luck, guys. This made our day. Nice one.

Time to start getting up a little bit earlier and taking the bus to work? You never know, the love of your life might be sitting on the top deck (that’s if you’re not too busy swiping on Tinder to notice them). Serendipity is alive and well.

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