‘Intuitive Intimacy’ And Seven Other Dating Trends To Know For 2024

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According to women-first dating app Bumble, 2024 is set to be The Year of the Self when it comes to dating – with more people looking inwards to figure out what they really want when it comes to love. Frankly, we’re all for it.

The latest Bumble dating trend report has landed, and suggests that we’ll be placing more value on ‘emotional vulnerability, self-acceptance, and shared priorities’ as we reject the ‘constant strive for perfection.’ Now that’s hot.

Bumble’s research shows that more than half (57%) of women surveyed are going into 2024 with a clear view of what they really want from their romantic lives.

Here’s all the dating trends you need to know for 2024.

Intuitive Intimacy

We know the ins and outs of physical intimacy – but what about emotional intimacy?

For people today, and particularly women, attraction is boiling down to one thing: emotional intimacy. As lovely as instant attraction might be singles are increasingly focusing on finding security, safety, and understanding.

According to Bumble, a third of people surveyed revealed that emotional intimacy is now more important to them than sex – with 80% adding that they need their partners to have an understanding of how to get intimate both physically and emotionally.  It’s important – and dare we say it, pretty hot – so see people get real with their feels.

Gen(erational)-Blend Romance

We’ve heard a lot about cross-generational relationships this year – and according to Bumble, 63% of people now say age isn’t a defining factor when it comes to dating – with nearly two-thirds of British women claiming they’re now open to dating someone younger than them.

And now, we can date without the stigma too. Apparently, the way we view others’ relationships is changing too – with more than 1 in 3 women stating they’ve become less judgemental towards generational-gap relationships over the last year.

Val-Core Dating

Is there anything more disappointing than when your date opens their mouth and you realise you have nothing in common? While we have some tips for getting through a date with your opposite, 2024 is all about putting your values first.

Enter, Val-Core dating: the rise of people valuing engagement on the issues that matter to them. Care about the environment? Passionate about feminism? It’s totally justified to want a partner who is too.

According to Bumble, 25% of singles find political and social engagement attractive in a potential partner. In fact, research shows that women are less open to dating someone with a differing political view – with 1 in 3 women saying it’s a turn off when people aren’t aware of current societal issues. Time to get deep.

1 in 3 women say it's a turn off when people aren't aware of current societal issues

Betterment Burnout

Hustle culture, girl boss… It’s hard to deny we live in a world where, from every and all angles, women are being told to work harder, and work better. From ‘5am routines’ trending on TikTok, to the abundance of self-help podcasts bursting onto the scene, people are desperate to become the perfect version of themselves.

And now, Bumble’s research reveals that the constant need to self-optimise has left the majority of singles across the globe feeling pressured to become their perfect self – leaving 1 in 4 people in the UK feeling ‘unworthy’ of a partner.

Kickstarting 2024, singles are now rebelling against this outdated (and honestly, exhausting) frame of mind. 68% of women surveyed said they were taking steps to be happier with who they are right now, with 40% of women now only dating people who won’t try to change them. We’re entering our soft girl era.

Open-Hearted Masculinity

If 2023 brought us anything, it was the much needed conversation around masculinity and gender roles. Ken-ergy, anyone?

And when it comes to finding a relationship, 1 in 4 men told Bumble that they have actively changed their behaviour, making an effort to become more vulnerable and open with the people they date.

And, lo and behold, the results are good. 25% of men said this new-found openness has had a positive impact on their mental health, with 32% now saying a lack of vulnerability would be a dealbreaker for them. We’re setting healthy boundaries for 2024.

1 in 4 men are making an effort to become more vulnerable and open when it comes to dating

Timeline Decline

From having babies to buying a house, people – in particular, women – are living under constant pressure to follow traditional relationship timelines.

But for next year, Bumble says we’re seeing these timelines decline in favour of women choosing to build their own plans. Brushing off the three questions that every woman is sick of hearing, 1 in 3 women now say they’re no longer focusing on adhering to traditional milestones. Even further, 1 in 8 women revealed that this means actively avoiding the friends and family who put pressure on them.

Childfree by choice? Don’t want to get married? This is the year to do you.

MVP (Most Valuable Partner)

From Wimbledon to the Women's World Cup, it’s been a big year for sport – and now with the Paris 2024 Olympics ahead, Bumble says sports is set to take a front seat in dating as we search for our own MVP (Most Valuable Partner, obvs.)

31% of singles said that a shared love of sports has become a ‘must have’ when it comes to dating, regardless of whether you’re a player or a spectator.

The country’s obsession with sports is also changing how we date people – with a quarter of those surveyed saying that attending sports events together is important, especially amongst Gen-Z and Millenial singles.


Finding a never-ending stream of dates is leaving you feeling pretty low by the end of the night? Try slow-dating instead.

According to Bumble, this year’s prioritisation of self-care has led to 58% of singles being more open about their mental health and making a concerted effort to slow down.

This means reframing how we date, with 1 in 3 people actively ‘slow-dating’ – which basically means thinking about how much they’re dating to ensure quality over quantity. Even more, 1 in 4 people in the UK said they’re actively put off by anyone who treats a date as a checklist. With consider-dating, we’re going into 2024 making sure that the dates we go on are nothing less than great.

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