Brussel Sprouts Might Be Off The Menu This Christmas

Love ‘em or hate ‘em brussell sprouts might be missing from your plate this Christmas.

Brussel Sprouts Might Be Off The Menu This Christmas

by Lydia O'Malley |
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Roasties, yorkshire pudding, pigs in blankets and don’t forget the Christmas turkey with all the trimmings. But wait, something's missing. A staple to every plate on Christmas, brussels sprouts might just have to be left out this year after an invasion of a super pest moth. And we can’t work out whether it’s a blessing or a curse.

A marauding moth called the diamond back has arrived to the UK earlier than officials expected this year with a vengeance, bringing swarms that even some of the largest producers have struggled with. The problem is not the moths themselves but the larvae which eat their way through the crops, resulting in losses of up to 60%. At least someone enjoys them.

Charlie Gallichan, of Woodside Farms in Jersey, said 'we are going to have sprouts on stalks, sprout tops and flowering sprouts, and the early crop was OK. But it was the crop we planted to be ready for the Christmas market that we have completely lost.' Sprout lovers rejoice.

Originally from the Mediterranean, the migration arrived to the UK in late May and is resistant to pesticides, as a farmer in the Channel Island learnt after his entire supply was scoffed down faster than you can say Christmas pudding

Also known as the cabbage moth, its other favourite veggies include cabbage and cauliflower. So you might want to ease it on the cauliflower cheese and cabbage recipes this festive season

Need some inspiration? We’ve had a look on Pinterest for the best sprout recipes.

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