What The? Brooklyn Beckham Thanks Kanye West For His OTT Roses

What The? Brooklyn Thanks Kanye For OTT Roses


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Brooklyn Beckham - professional friend to the A-list
Brooklyn Beckham - professional friend to the A-list

We’re used to seeing Kanye West sending Kim thousands of flowers – for Valentine’s Day he sent her 1000 roses, and for Mother’s Day another ‘couple of thousand' along with a string quartet playing Sam Smith songs _of course. B_ut now he’s apparently sent some to Brooklyn Beckham too. What the?

Alongside a snap of a huge square bouquet of white blooms Brooklyn wrote to his 2.8million Instagram followers: ‘Have u ever seen flowers this big? Thanks Kanye,’ a comment that left us more than a bit baffled to say the least.

We’ll assume that he is joking, unless along with Elton John, Cara Delevingne, Eva Longoria and Rachel Zoe, Brooklyn can now add Kanye to his list of A list pals.

They’ve just celebrated Mother’s Day in the US which means Kanye is maxing out his Interflora credit card, splashing on an impressive haul for Kim while she was working in Brazil. So perhaps he decided Brooklyn was deserving of a few too? Stranger things have happened, especially where Kanye is concerned.

Kim posted this snap of her roses – in which we can see vases and vases and vases of flowers and flowers and more flowers – and wrote: ‘I got to my room in Brazil and my amazing thoughtful husband had the sweetest note with a couple thousand roses covering my entire suite for Mothers Day!

‘So I get to a restaurant in São Paulo & my husband had a string quartet waiting playing Sam Smith!!!!!’ she added, clearly over excited and who wouldn't be? Well, maybe a hay fever sufferer.

‘Every single waiter who brought food said "This is from Mr. West for the best mother in the world"! Seriously I have the best husband ever!!!!" she added saying she was "so sad" to have to spend the special day away from her 22-month-old daughter North. Kim revealed they had held a celebration before she left. Understated as per usual we'll assume.

"I'm so sad I'm so far away on this day but happy we celebrated yesterday! I love you baby & North soooo much!!!" she said.

By Sofia Zagzoule

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