British Trans Woman Kept In Men’s Prison Because She Is Pre-Op

Avery Edison live-tweeted her detainment…


by Sophie Wilkinson |
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In today’s FFS news, a trans woman was allegedly held at a men’s prison last night after flying to Toronto to visit her girlfriend. At first, Avery Edison, was detained at Toronto’s Pearson Airport because she had once previously overstayed her student visa. However, it’s Avery’s alleged treatment – which she's been live tweeting at @aedison – which really got our backs up.


After hours of waiting and of being referred to as ‘he’, she was told she would be kept in solitary confinement


Then she found that she would be held overnight ahead of a hearing today.


With some confusion about where to hold her, airport authorities allegedly threatened that she would be kept in solitary confinement, as she is pre-operative. Then she was told she was going to a women’s prison. All the while, she tweeted, using the airport’s wifi, about her treatment:


She was then allegedly carted off to Maplehurst Correctional Complex, one for men aged 18+.


Her girlfriend, Rahrah Templeton, then took over tweeting duties, saying:


However, it was later confirmed by Rahrah that Avery was held in a men’s prison overnight, despite self-identifying as female:



At the time of writing, Avery’s hearing has been moved to later today (Wednesday 12th February) and she has legal counsel to defend her. Fingers crossed Avery gets an apology and doesn’t have to spend another night in a cell.

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