British Teen And Boyfriend In Florida Cop Shooting Left Suicide Notes

Boyfriend Brandon Goode had previously been arrested for threatening his mother with an axe


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The teenagers found dead after allegedly shooting a police officer in Florida over the weekend had left suicide notes, according to new reports.

It has emerged that Alexandria Hollinghurst, 17 and her boyfriend, Brandon Goode, 18 had been arrested last month for possession of marijuana paraphernalia and had subsequently made a suicide pact.

Their plan was to be shot dead by police, according to reports, but it went awry and they fatally shot police officer Robert German before taking their own lives a short distance away.

Prior to meeting Goode, Hollinghurst had been a ‘model student’ and even graduated a year early from high school. She had moved into his home but, after the drugs arrest, was required to live at home under curfew. She sneaked out last weekend, despite the doors and windows being locked.

Her grandmother told the Telegraph: ‘She met Goode and she just changed completely. Her mum and dad knew he was a bad one, but they couldn’t do very much about it. Tom wouldn’t let him in the house. They knew he was in trouble with drugs.’

Goode was charged with assault with a deadly weapon in 2012 for threatening his mother with an axe. The case was then dropped after his mother refused to press charges.

Hollinghurst grew up in Greater Manchester before moving to the US with her parents six years ago. A spokesperson for the Sherriff’s office said: ‘The contents of those [suicide] notes will not be revealed at this time, as the investigation is active and open’.

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