British Guy Hitches A Lift 7,500 Miles Across America Using Only Tinder

Imagine if every day you had to go on an awkward (sober) Tinder date in a car with a total stranger?


by Georgina Lawton |
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Just when we thought Tinder was losing its shine – the ratio of the onsie-wearing man has totally surpassed that of the tiger-stroking man – a UK business grad has found an interesting use for the app abroad.

Dan Beaumont, 24, managed to travel 7,500 miles around the States by securing lifts from his matches on Tinder – smooth operator indeed, but pretty weird all the same.

The hitchhiker was apparently bored of standing in the road with his thumb out, so put his thumbs to, er, good use, elsewhere by swiping right for 32 different American ladies who helped him save on his travel costs.

Dan’s Tinder re-vamp idea came to him after he became fed-up with hitching rides across Canada, which took him over three months in 89 vehicles. (What the hell was he doing?!)

He hasn’t divulged how many rides on the road turned into a different kind of ride altogether (does anyone actually call it a ‘ride’ these days?). ‘A gentleman never tells’ he told The Sun, after obligingly providing names and photos of several of the women he shared a vehicle with.

‘I met some lovely ladies and had some fun,’ he said.

Although more and more cash-strapped travellers are using the internet to spice up their travels, we’re not sure we’d do the same as Dan. Couch surfing abroad and Tinder-tourism is pretty exciting and would be a great way to meet people and discover hidden spots, but hopping into a car with a stranger? That comes with serious risks – more so if you’re a woman, unfortunately.

It’s back to the night trains and rammed buses for us…

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