Brexit An ‘Error’ Says Brexit Campaign Chief


Brexit An ‘Error’ Says Brexit Campaign Chief

by Sophie Wilkinson |

Remember Brexit! Yes, Brexit, that vote which saw 48% of people vote Remain and 52% of people vote Leave under the impression that it would somehow lead to taking back control? Well, we all, 100% of us, now know that nothing really seems to be under control, and that goes for the news cycle, too.

However else can the guy who masterminded Vote Leave, the campaign group fronted by government frontbenchers Boris Johnson and Michael Gove, now be saying that the entire referendum was ‘dumb’ and the Leave vote was an ‘error’?

Dominic Cummings, the campaign manager of Vote Leave, wrote a blog post about Brexit, saying that it was pretty good. And Financial Times journalist David Allen Green asked him on Twitter: ‘Is there anything which could now happen (or not happen) which would make you now wish Leave had not won the referendum result?’

And Cummings replied to say ‘Lots! I said before REF was dumb idea, other things shdve been tried 1st. In some possible branches of the future leaving will be an error’

Which branches of the future could he possibly mean? in the NHS, which has seen a 96% drop in applications from EU nurses looking to work in the UK - where they currently make up 36,615 of the UK’s nurses?

in the financial sector, which has seen the UK come last out of all EU countries in a scale of economic growth in the past year?

In our education system, where a ‘brain drain’ will affect the quality and quantity of research?

In our society, where hate crimes rose in the aftermath of the vote?

It sort of begs the question, what WAS Dominic doing when he ran the campaign, if he thinks its success is an ‘error’? Did he not want it to win, but found himself happy enough to pretend he could make it win, in exchange for a hefty fee? Or did he really want it to win, and help convince millions of others to want it to win (via lies such as plastering the promise of £350 million per week for the NHS on the side of a campaign bus), out of a misjudgment?

Either way, it’s enough to make your blood boil, regardless of which side you’re on. Maybe we can use the steam rising out of our ears to power our economy…

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