You’re Most Likely To Break Up With Someone On This Day

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by Emma Firth |

Talvin. Hiddleswift. Brangelina – 2016 is fast becoming the year that love died. But, brace yourselves, the busiest day for break-ups is on the horizon, according to Facebook data.

Researchers used statistics who studied Facebook post relationship updates and messages, and apparently the 11th December is peak dumping day.

‘Eeesh, that's so harsh!’ You might think.

But for those who are thinking of splitting with their partners, two weeks before Christmas appears to be an optimum time period for everyone involved. If standing under the mistletoe and gifting your new boyfriend fills you with dread, ‘tis the time to call it quits for some…

‘It's better to be authentic then have to fake your way through turkey at his mother’s house when you know he is getting the ax,’ says Marni Battista, founder and CEO of Dating with Dignity told US Glamour.

Marni adds: ‘It makes it challenging to enjoy the time together when you are filled with regret and remorse. And, any post-holiday references he makes will make your stomach turn. Be real and get the deed done. It will spare him the "I can't believe she strung me along" feelings.’

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