A Bra Just Saved This Brazilian Woman’s Life From A Stray Bullet

The black underwired bra saved her from a stray bullet...


by Sophie Wilkinson |
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As you get up in the morning and feel the dread of putting on your bra (life can just be so much comfier without one sometimes, right?), you can make it a little easier to manuevre it into place by taking note of a Brazilian woman who has reportedly had her life saved by a black lace underwired bra.

Images of Ivete Medeiros’s bra have been shown across the Brazilian media after the incident in Belém this week. Though it’s unusual for a bra to stop a bullet, The Guardian reports that accidental shootings ‘plague the country’.

Ievete, a merchant (bit olde worlde, that, but that’s what’s reported) was hit by the stray bullet after she left a supermarket to see what was going on across the road. Turns out it was a hold-up and the thief opened fire. That’s when she got shot, just under her left boob.

CCTV footage shows her stumbling back into the supermarket, where she then stayed before being taken off for medical attention.

She later told reporters she felt ‘a little burning sensation’ but nothing more, because of God: ‘It was not just the bra wiring, which softened [it] a little, but God who saved me.’

However, it seems like God can’t always be there to get in the way of other stray bullets in Belém, which is in the north of the country and has a population of two million. In the city in 2013 alone, stray bullets hit 111 people.

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