Boy Gives Mum An Easter Egg Card That Looks Like A Vagina

It's a pop-up card and everything...

Boy Gives Mum An Easter Egg Card That Looks Like A Vagina

by Chloe Laws |

We all know those parents who will praise their kid's drawings, even when they're awful. This mum then, was a breath of fresh air as she spoke without any BS about a card she'd received from her son.


It's meant to be a pop-up card of an Easter egg but unfortunately, it resembles a vagina. And a 3D illustration of one at that. The mum called Shelley Brandie said on her

, which now has over 1oK likes, that 'When your son finds his Easter card he made at school and brings through as he forgot to give you it, and you open it to see a vagina!!'.

Maybe this kid has a career ahead of him in drawing the anatomy? Either way it's a hilarious card, that should definitely take pride and joy on the fridge- just for the shock factor when people come over for a cuppa.

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