So Boris Johnson Brought A Brick To His Conference Speech. And Spoke To It

It's not that bizarre - a lot of us young people find that getting decent, affordable housing is like talking to a brick wall...


by Sophie Wilkinson |
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Today marks the last day of the Tory party conference and the last day of conference season, which is like fashion week but instead of skinny models you get older white men with combovers taking centre-stage. Oh, and instead of taking over Paris, Milan, London and New York, it’s more about Birmingham, Blackpool, Glasgow and Doncaster.

One of the older white men (who may or may not have a combover, it’s tough to tell with that thatch of brilliant blond hair atop his bonce) is Boris Johnson. Yeah, yeah, David Cameron just made his speech, and it’s actually great to hear that zero hours contracts will be scrapped and soon if you earn under £13,000 you won’t have to pay a penny of income tax.

Oh, and there was the bit where he fluffed his lines and referred to the people of this country as those he wants to ‘resent’ instead of ‘represent’.

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But Boris Johnson’s speech was the most intriguing because he spent a chunk of it talking to a brick. Why a brick? Well, the Mayor of London, who’s stepping down from the post to run as an MP in the next election, wanted to tell the brick that it ‘would not be alone’. This was as he explained in the Birmingham conference hall, the Tory pledge to encourage housing growth that will require one billion bricks to go up, reports The Huffington Post.

The funny bit is, though the Tory conference, seems to be constructed for the older generation – Cameron’s speech ending with a bit of Fleetwood Mac was a definite nod to all the old-timers – this brick totally taps into our generation’s worries.

Not that bricks will be lonely, oh poor bricks, but that trying to get anywhere with housing, other than renting at extortionate rates or having the luck to get your parents to buy for you, is like talking to a brick wall. Cameron did announce that the Help-To-Buy scheme will no longer be there for those over 40, but to say that those aged 25-40 are going through the same housing worries as those 18-25 is a bit... iffy.

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Talking to bricks isn’t exactly getting stuff done, but the fact he’s spoken to a brick in his speech makes it easy to remember Boris’s promises if his party is re-elected to lead the government next year. Let’s hope he remembers them too.

Side note: if you want to get stuff done now, here’s how you can petition your local MP to make it illegal for landlords to evict you if you complain about the conditions of your rental.

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