How I Make It Work: Tobi Oredein On Founding The Black Ballad For Women Of Colour

She's bringing diversity to mainstream media.


by Debrief Staff |

Frustrated by the lack of diversity in mainstream media, Tobi Oredein took matters into her own hands. She started a subscription-based platform for women of colour, The Black Ballad. It’s early days, she says, but she’s aiming high and hopes to one day rival the likes of Ebony.

To get this far, Tobi has had to confront one of her least favourite things head on: money and budgeting. She says her dad encouraged her to manage bills and budgets from a young age and she’s always done her best, but starting a business has really put these skills to the test.

Watch out interview with Tobi below:

Tobi thinks there’s more pressure on young woman than ever when it comes to our finances and it’s coming from an unlikely place. ‘Social media’ she says ‘makes people feel they need to spend, spend, spend so they can be seen a certain way. It looks like everyone is on holiday all the time, getting new clothes all the time, buying cars etc…it puts pressure on us all.’ She says she tries not to pay too much attention to what other people have, or appear to have, and focuses on what she needs day to day.

There’s no doubt that talking about money is still a massive taboo for many women. Indeed, last year research found that over half of women aged 18-34 are uncomfortable talking about money. In fact, 40% of women would find it easier to discuss politics with friends over money, closely followed by religion (35%) and sex (30%). Tobi thinks if we can get over our squeamishness about money and master it then we can do anything.

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