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Revealed: The Best Eco Cars Of 2018

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Choosing a new car is difficult. It needs good mileage, low running costs, a good price, all while being beautifully stylish- because this is a luxury purchase after all. With a million and one logical things to consider, it’s good to have one type of car to hone in on, one that can also make you feel like an actual upstanding human being, that is: eco cars.

We’re becoming more environmentally friendly than ever. Going vegan, plastic-free, even waste-free, but our cars are still a huge ethical void of ‘but the coolest ones aren’t eco-friendly!’. At this point, we really have no choice, the government is seeking to ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2040, so we’re better off getting used to eco-friendly now, and you know, doing something actually beneficial for the planet.

But where do you start when looking for an eco-friendly car? Well, with the best of course. That is, the Hyundai Kona Electric. Just named best eco car at Parkers New Car award, Grazia is also sponsoring the small SUV, which has beat out the likes of the Nissan Leaf and Renault Zoe, also both incredible runners up to choose from.

Why is it the best? Well, after rigorous testing by the team, judging running costs, long range, cost-per-month figures and fitness-for-purpose, they found that long battery range, impressive quality and affordable price easily outranked its competitors, despite costing no more than the Nissan Leaf of Volkswagen e-Golf.

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Switch to a bamboo toothbrush

It's a similar story when it comes to plastic toothbrushes, or those throw-away electric toothbrush heads. Pearl Bar have come up with a environmentally-friendly alternative, a biodegradable bamboo toothbrush that will decompose within six months. With bristles infused with charcoal it will also ensure your teeth are sparkling white.

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Buy in bulk

If you have the space, buying in bulk will save you money and reduce your packaging output. Dr Bronner's soap (for face, body and hair) has a cult following for a reason, and is available in up to 5 litre recycled plastic bottles. Simply decant into smaller glass bottles to store in your shower or take travelling.

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Use recycled or recyclable packaging

Probably the easiest switch you can make is avoiding using products housed in plastic and instead choose packaging that can be recycled or reused such as glass. Brands like Aesop, Tata Harper and Kjaer Weis are great go-tos when it comes to nailing both shelfie-worthy packaging and eco-credentials. Whereas on the more affordable end of the spectrum, Beauty Kitchen, uses solely pre-cycled, recycled or recyclable packaging.

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Stop using face wipes or cotton pads

Standard face wipes and cotton pads are not biodegradable and cause huge problems in landfill and our oceans. Instead you can remove makeup using your normal cleanser and either a flannel or an eco-friendly konjac sponge. If you can't give up the cotton pads you can also buy reusable ones that you pop in the washing machine instead of chucking in the bin.

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Jump on the soap bar bandwagon

Alternatively, forgo packaging altogether and buy soap bars and solid shampoo. Lush is pioneering this zero-waste, 'naked' style packaging but it's also worth looking at East London based social enterprise, The Soap Co, or handmade soap companies found at local produce markets.

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Ditch your disposable razor

Believe it or not those cheap plastic razors you throw away every few weeks are not great for the planet. You're much better off investing in a safety razor. Not only will it save you money in the long term, it will also look much more aesthetically pleasing on your bathroom shelf. Called a safety razor for reason, they are foolproof to use and should last you a lifetime.

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Go for biodegradable glitter

Who said eco-beauty was boring? For all those festival and fancy-dress needs, London-based Disco Dust have created entirely biodegradable glitter.

The new battery tech means the car can go up to 300 miles from one single charge...300 miles! No longer can we sit back and excuse ourselves from being ethical drivers with 'oh but it'll run out of charge after about two seconds'. Nope, even if you've got a family to ferry around, this little SUV is sure to provide enough mileage to get you through those long car journeys with the kids.

‘Here’s a car that’s made all of its rivals sit up and notice,’ says Parkers editor Keith Adams, ‘as the BEV’s journey to the mainstream gathers momentum, the Kona’s excellent range and all-round usability is outstanding.’

The best part though, is of course, the price. Going plastic-free, and in some ways going vegan, might be more suited to the higher earners of us, but with the Hyundai Kona Electric, you don't have to be earning a fortune to be an ethical car owner. Finally!

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