Spent All Weekend In A Coma? Here’s All The Best Bits From Glastonbury

Whether you went or not. Here's your essential round up of what went on.


by Jess Commons |
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The time Arya Stark did Glastonbury make-up like an absolute pro


** The time Dolly Parton’s mammary glands were celebrated in marvellous fashion **


The time Este Haim gave excellent 'bassface'

The time Dolly Parton destroyed Jolene perfectly


'I wrote that song years ago when my husband was spending a little more time with Jolene than I thought he should so I put a stop to that. I got rid of that red headed woman in a hurry. Something good can come from everything though. Had it not been for that other woman I never would have written Jolene and I wouldn’t have made all that money so thank you Jolene! But every now and again I have to tell you, I look at him sleeping over there in his lazy boy chair, him snoring and that hair turning grey at the temples and I think I wonder if that Jolene is still around. I wonder if I can call her up and say, 'Come and get him now!'

**The time these guys had a whale of a time at Yoko Ono **

**The time this girl was paying more attention to erm, other pursuits than watching Disclosure

Gareth, who made the best of a bad situation


The fact that EKATSUITS were a thing. Because getting totally naked in a portaloo sounds like an excellent idea


The time Bradley Cooper watched Metallica


The time we forgot just how hot Paulo Nutini is


This lady who really really liked Robert Plant

This vine which sums up the weather situation perfectly

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