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The 'Obama Plus Kids' Twitter Account Is Everything You Need Right Now

© @ObamaPlusKids

The political climate is far from steady right now. Brexit still looms ominously as prime minister Theresa May attempts to maintain control over both her cabinet and policy, widespread protests have followed President Donald Trump for the majority of his European visit and the World Cup Final was briefly interrupted by punk activist group Pussy Riot who made a statement about the state of the Russian political and prison systems. And that's only the tip of the weekend's iceburg of activity.

It is overwhelming. Although our engagement with the complicated chaos of it all is important (nothing ever changed for the better by people ignoring the mess and putting political blinkers on), there is absolutely a need for some light relief. And what better relief than Barack Obama?

Ever since finishing his second and final term as President of the United States, Obama quickly became a symbol of what once was good. Sure, his presidency wasn't perfect but it was one filled with hope, progress and charisma. Man, we miss the charisma. The 'we miss you', 'come back' and 'nothing but respect for my president' captions still end up under every new picture of the Obamas that gets posted on social media.

In the last 18 months, our hearts have ached over Obama's vacation photos, we've applauded his 'relaxed dad on holiday' style and his friendship with Prince Harry still gives us high hopes for our futures. But there's another string to Obama's already dream-like bow: his natural affinity with children.

You may fondly recall of the precious moments in the Obama presidency when he nailed the candid 'with kids' photo op, and quite frankly it's one of the many things that made us love him even more. Lucky for us, his soul melting legacy lives on through the ObamaPlusKids Twitter account. Yes, it's quite literally what it says on the tin - pictures of Obama, plus kids.

Feast your eyes on something good and pure for a moment. Have a scroll through one of our favourite things on the internet....

Obama Chased By Child

Obama Meets Prince George

Obama, The Selfie Aid

Obama, King Of Cool

Obama Hides, Kid Seeks

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