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Baby Girls With These Names Are Likely To Earn The Most

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Choosing the name of your child is likely to be one of the biggest decisions you ever make. Do you follow the trends and go for a popular name, or buck with the tradition and pick an out-there moniker?

What you might not have considered is that some names spell success more than others, and a few even have the potential to earn significant amounts more.

Research from the has identified the female names that are likely to to earn the most based on data from over 500,000 CVs. They obtained details of first names and salaries before working out the average salary for the first 1200 names.

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They discovered that women named Lily are likely to earn the most - on average a salary of £30,821. Next up was Isabella (with an average salary of £28,935), and followed by Ella (an average salary of £28,623).

Other names to make the top ten included: Amelia (£27,645), Emily (£27,420), Mia (£26, 981), Jessica (£26,342), and Olivia (£26,011).

Unfortunately at this stage we don’t have data about new popular names (for example Ava or Isla) as they haven’t been mainstream long enough to assess their earning potential. In the meantime if you’re hoping to give your daughter a life of prosperity it’s probably best to stick to one of the safe bets like Lily or Amelia.

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