The Internet Has Fallen In Love With Two Baby Flamingos And You Should Too

How have baby flamingos only just become a thing?


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Everyone’s week is being seriously brightened up as the Pittsburgh National Aviary introduced us to their 2 flamingo chicks. Their cuteness factor is off the charts. The internet, and we, freaked out.

Gifs have emerged of one baby flamingo trying unsuccessfully to act like an adult flamingo and walk, but he can only manage a couple of feet at a time for now. As Twitter user @Celesse writes, the chick is ‘trying so hard toflamingo. The internet is finding these wobbly attempted steps at adult life hilariously relatable.


Although you might expect them to have pink feathers, the baby birds in fact remain grayish-white until they reach their first year. As well as resembling fluffy marshmallows, it turns out flamingo chicks are very leggy, with model-like proportions which we are very envious of.

As a very vocal species, at only a few days old, they are interacting with each other. According to senior aviculturist Travis Henderson, who is raising the birds, "They've been hearing each other. When this egg started to hatch, I held it right up to this guy [the first chick] and they kind of talked to each other." …eeeek, fluffy baby chicks talking to each other!

The baby flamingos are now ready for visitors, so if you’re desperate to see them they’re only a short flight to America away…totally worth it. Don’t worry if you can’t make it in person, the next adorable ball of fluff is due to hatch by the 7th July, so we will all get another dose of divine pics soon.

Photos courtesy of The National Aviary

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