This Awkward/Sexy Advert Will Make You Think

We won't give away any spoilers, so you just need to watch it...


by Sophie Wilkinson |
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It can be hard to pay attention to issues that just aren’t sexy, as this advert really awkwardly shows. We don’t want to give it away just yet, but watch these models, brought in under the guise of shooting an advert for a very sexy ad campaign, trying to keep their best sexy up even in some pretty tricky circumstances...

So it turns out that all the models/actors were duped into delivering lines about the world’s dying women and children in sexy voices. Plus, the bit where the model says ‘diarrhoea’ huskily is basically so ridiculous, we let out a little laugh and then we realised we shouldn’t really be laughing at things people are actually dying of.

But then again, we should live in a world that’s safe enough for people to laugh at diarrhoea and for it to not be something that kills people, right? Also, what’s a little momentary discomfort if it draws attention to the bigger issues?

Either way, there’s no way you’re going to leave the video with that awkward feeling, which is the point. It’s more about drawing attention to a distinctly un-sexy issue.

Vincent Peone, one of the directors behind the video told AdWeek: ‘[Save The Children] challenged us to come up with an idea that dealt with the subject matter in an evocative way.’

And none of the models objected to being used in the ad, realising the importance of what they were doing once they were told the idea behind the hoax. ‘Once the ruse was up and our models learned that they were in a Save the Children commercial, everyone was relieved and happy to have lent their performances to the cause,’ said Peone.

He added: ‘We were thrilled – we knew this piece could only work with genuine reactions, but we were highly sensitive about not ruining anyone’s day in the process.’

What do you make of the ad?

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