Marks And Spencer Is Going To Start Selling Mini Avocados

Instagrammers Rejoice! You Can Now Buy Tiny Avocados

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by Grazia |

It’s the ultimate first world problem. You’ve carefully crafted the perfect plate of avocado on toast, taken the obligatory smug Instagram shot, and chosen the perfect filter. But what to do with the lonely half-avo that stays behind, unused? However lovingly you wrap it up in tin foil, the chances are that it’ll turn sad and brown before you’ve had time to refresh your social media feeds.

The solution? Enter the mini avocado, coming to a Marks and Spencer food hall near you. The diminutive sibling of everyone’s favourite super food is half the size of the regular fruit, making it the perfect solution to your avocado-wasting woes.

Grown in an avocado orchard in Spain, these tiny fruits were originally rejected for sale for being too small. They will be sold in packs of five and priced at £2 – perfect for office snacking and weekday lunches.

M & S produce expert Sally Sharp said: ‘We’re excited to add the mini avocado to our ever-growing collection of baby fruits. Its smaller size makes it even tastier than a normal avocado, with a deliciously creamy texture.’ She also noted the nutritional benefits, stating ‘Experts advise a serving of half an avocado a day, so these minis offer the ideal portion size without leaving half the fruit exposed to the air.’

With Marks and Spencers reporting an 18 percent rise in avocado sales last year, it looks like we’ve not hit ‘peak avocado’ just yet. Could 2016 be the year of the baby-cado?

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