Just When You Think We’ve Reached Peak Avocado, In Comes Avocado Beer

Avocado Beer Is Now A Thing


by Emma Spedding |
Published on

Avocados just can't get a break. Gone are the days of just being sliced into a salad, avocados are now smushed on toast, sneaked into brownies, attacked by nutribullets, and have even been frozen into ice cream. But now in the not too distant future we may be getting drunk on avocados.

Just when you think we've reached peak avocado, they get brewed into lager. Daniel Wind from the Bushshack Brewery in Western Australia was challenged to create an avocado brew for the Avocado Festival.

He told* Mashable*: "They said if you're going to come along, how about you have a go at making avocado beer — and I went, well why not." His batch of avocado beer contains 30 kilograms of avocado, and he insists it isn't very overpowering."

So what does avocado beer taste like? According to Daniel it is the "bitterness" which carries from the avocado and it has a "creamy finish."

Although he hasn't started bottling the avocado beer (yet), we imagine it's only a matter of time until avocado beer keg stands shots hit Instagram.

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