Athletes Are Getting Right In To Dating Apps In The Rio Olympic Village

They're not just scoring on the tracks... Wahey.

Athlete's Are Getting Right In To Dating Apps In The Rio Olympic Village

by Chemmie Squier |
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Remember last year when we heard that celebs like Leonardo DiCaprio and Hilary Duff were on Tinder? That was a big week.

Now, with Rio Olympics underway, it's been discovered that a lot of the atheletes are on there too. Not that suprising, sure, seeing as they're all young, virile people but at the same time: Hello.

Thanks to the Instagram accounts @Sportsswipe and @TinderRio there's a running list of the athlete's on Tinder and Bumble.

Data has shown that the athletes are really getting into the dating apps too. According to data supplied to the Daily Mail, the number of active users within the village shot up by 64% and the number of swipes increased by 69%. Apparently spearlike use has even increased by 73%. A Tinder spokeswoman Rosetta Pambakian, said that ‘skyrocketed’ in Rio and matches in the Olympic Village increase by 129% over the weekend.

As well as that paid for ’passport’ function on Tinder – no, we’d never heard of it either – allows users to search for matches in any location in the world rather than the locall area and according to them, Rio is currently the most popular passport location on earth with an increase of 211%.

One source attributed the rise to boredom saying that, ‘A lot of the athletes looked bored and it's no surprise they are turning to their phones to spice things up a bit. There are only so many times you can play the same video games or wait in line for a free McDonald's.'

Although I find it hard to believe that free McDonalds ever gets old, tbh.

And you know what else? Around 450,000 condoms have been allocated for athletes which is more than three times the amount allocated during the London Olympics. We get it. They're having sex.

But who’s actually on there? Well, Team GB’s very own gymnast, Louis Smith has been spotted as well as Ryan Lochte from the USA swim team, Kassidy Cook on the USA Diving Team and Shara Proctor Team GB's women's long jump contender to name a few.

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