Are You Ready To Take Ownership Of Your Career? This Female-Powered Community Is Here To Help Women Thrive In The Workplace

Everyone who’s ever had a ‘work wife’ knows that sisterhood works. Curated by women, for women, AllBright supports a global female workforce to supercharge their careers - and you can now access their unique toolkit of content, events and resources for free


by Darcy Rive |

"What do you want to be when you grow up?" We’re asked about our career goals from the moment we graduate from nappies. And while some of us may have let go of the Astronaut and Ballerina dreams we once had, our aspirations and ambitions continue to evolve with our ability to cook, pay taxes, and apply liquid eyeliner (still mastering that one...).

But while you’ve probably heard of The Old Boys club - and maybe even encountered it - did you know that there’s a global sisterhood ready to back you? It’s called AllBright.

The global career network for women boasts an impressive international cohort of members, with digital events, courses, networking opportunities, and even a physical club in London. And whether you’ve already landed your dream role, are working towards it, or haven’t quite figured it out just yet, AllBright is on a mission to help you thrive.

And there’s a reason AllBright has a seat at the table for every woman on a mission. We need to open doors for women.

Only 13 CEOs in the most recent Fortune Global 500 were women (and they were all white, by the way). Last year, women held just 20% of Board of Director seats worldwide. It’s going to take a quite-frankly-ridiculous 216 years to close the gender pay gap. Plus, the pandemic has had, and is continuing to have, a devastating impact on female employment, with a recent report by UN Women discovering that women’s gender equality progress has been pushed back an entire generation as a result.

These numbers are simply not good enough. And that’s what AllBright wants to change.


Launched by former Hearst magazines CEO Anna Jones and founder of Love Home Swap Debbie Wosskow OBE, AllBright provides an inspiring platform to help their ambitious members connect with like-minded women, advance their skillsets, and empower their professional progression. Think digital events with inspiring women like Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Marie Forleo, courses covering everything from how to earn a passive income and how to negotiate a promotion, and the networking tool in your pocket (like Tinder for work!)

If you’ve ever struggled with Impostor Syndrome, or passed up an opportunity you weren’t sure you were 100% ready for, AllBright is the answer. It offers you all the support, coaching, and professional connections of a sorority, minus the hazing and the Kappa-Gamma lingo.

That’s one of the key benefits of AllBright’s networking groups. They offer a safe space where women can openly share ideas - without Dave from accounts speaking over you - find inspiration, and seek guidance, in a supportive and friendly environment.

And there are plenty of networking groups to choose from. If you’re just starting out in your career, get first-hand advice from women who have already been there and done it in the Future U group. Looking to find peer support as you start your next venture? The Female Founders group can connect you with like-minded women for guidance.

AllBright’s new offering also gives you access to the incredible tool, Sisterhood Matching. It's an algorithm-driven recommendation channel that helps members to connect with other women who share their passions, goals, and experiences - which could be just the thing you need to help propel your career in the direction you'd like to go. Elle Woods would be proud.

To help drive forward their mission, AllBright is now offering free access to their digital membership platform.

Want to supercharge your career? AllBright+ is the new premium membership that gives you all-access entry to AllBright's range of incredible offerings. For £14.99 a month, you get over 170 online courses from leading industry experts, plus access to daily live events with inspiring women from across the globe on topics such as leadership, negotiation, starting a business, and more.

Maybe that Astronaut thing wasn’t such a pipe-dream. If anyone can get you there (even if ‘there’ is quite literally out-of-this-world), it’s AllBright.

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