Here’s All Of The Apps You Should Download Before You Start Uni

Equip your phone for student life.


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If you’re reading this, congrats! You’re about to start university (aka the best three years of your youth), and I’m oh-so-jealous of you. Ahead of starting this new chapter of your life, there’s a few simple things you can do to prepare for life as a uni student, like ensuring that your phone is equipped with the right apps to tackle any situation…

All Recipes Dinner Spinner

Moving out for university can be a daunting experience, especially if you’ve never had to fend for yourself before. “But mum, how do I boil an egg?”, I remember asking. And considering I didn’t know how to master this task, an actual cooked dinner was completely out of the question. But then, along came a little app that took me from bad cook to pro chef in a matter of weeks (no kidding). The All Recipes Dinner Spinner will be a life-saver for all cooking amateurs: it has more recipes and video tutorials than you can imagine, and you can even search by the ingredients in your cupboard to discover what to cook. Genius.


Okay, so most nights, you’ll probably be cooking up a quick and easy meal like pasta, chicken or ready-made pizza. But, there will be a few special occasions (ahem, like every Friday night), when you might happen to fancy a takeaway. Cue, Deliveroo. This heaven-sent app lets you choose meals from a selection of hand-picked restaurants that don’t deliver (like Wagamama, Byron and KFC), all so that you can have tasty, hot food in an instant. Dreamy.


If you ask me, UNiDAYS is the best thing to happen to students since sliced bread and ready-mixed cocktails. After signing up to the site and verifying your student status, you can use the app to access a whole plethora of discounts tailored specifically for students (think River Island, Apple, Missguided, etc). Online shopping has never been better, guys.


I’m not going to lie to you, no matter how hard you try to budget, there’s still going to be times when you run out of money before your next bursary comes through. Such is the way of student life. But, when this happens, don’t fret: the Depop app offers you an easy way to make some much-needed cash with minimal effort. How? By selling your old clothes, of course! Simply snap a pic of your unwanted fashion items, and upload them to the app with a simple description and price tag. Then, sit back and watch your bank account balance multiple.


Don't worry, Companion isn’t another dating app - it’s in fact a get-home-safe app, and it’s bloody clever. It allows you to show certain approved contacts your whereabouts on a virtual map, so that they can track your journey home. On top of this, it’s able to detect signs of stress (e.g. if you fall over or start running), has an alarm setting, and an option to contact the police. Essentially, it’s great for usage after a night out, or if you’re walking home from an evening lecture alone.


Flashcards always come in hands when you’re revising for an upcoming exam, and this handy app brings them straight to your mobile phone. You can make your own decks by adding texts, imagery and even diagrams. Plus, you won't have to badger your mate to read out the cards for you. So, get ready to ace that test!


Living independently is a hell of a lot of fun, but it can also be very testing and stressful, especially when paired with the amount of university work you need to complete. Combat stress with some relaxing therapy sessions. Or, use the Headspace app, which offers free guided meditation sessions that help to reduce stress levels and regain focus.

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