Apple Unveils iPhone 6 And At Least Two Of Our Wishes Have Been Granted

It's got longer battery life and a bigger screen


by Fiona Byrne |

Apple unveiled its newest products in California on Tuesday, revealing not just the bigger, better iPhone but also the Apple Watch, which is about bring Secret Service vibes to wrists everywhere.

The company dealt with consumers’ number one beef with its phones by increasing battery life significantly. The iPhone 6 Plus will deliver 14 hours of video watching, compared to the current maximum battery life of the 5S which allows for only 10 hours. And you’ll be more keen to watch said video now too, since the screen is 4.7 inches on the iPhone 6 and 5.5 inches on the 6 Plus. It’s cool because it caters to people who want a giant screen, as well as those who are fine with just a slightly larger one. People like us, for example, who prefer a smaller phone to go in our diminutive clutch bags.

What else… well it comes in three colours, silver, gold and ‘space grey’. The camera is better too, it’s 8 megapixels and will deal with low light better. It’s also going to focus faster, which is excellent news for those in the fashion world who battle through every fashion week with blurry runway shots.

It’s also got a better FaceTime camera, and better face detection for selfies and group selfies. So, that’s cool. It’s 25% faster than the iPhone 5S too, thanks to the A8 processor. Oh, and you can pay for stuff with it too. There’s a new thing called Apple Pay that will enable you to pay with your phone at restaurants and so on.

And then there’s the Apple Watch. Obviously, it’s not just a watch! But it’s not just a tiny iPhone on your wrist either. It has stripped-down versions of apps, you can read messages, scroll through photos, track your fitness activity, and next year, will even be able to open hotel room doors. It’s all very James Bond, really. You can even talk to Siri on it.

There’s a cute feature where you create the look of your watch face and one of the options is a classic Mickey Mouse. So good. You can also physically ping other people who have Apple watches. It’s like Facebook poking, but the watch vibrates. So essentially, it’s like you’ve touched another person. This means waiting for that text from that person you have a crush on is next level.


The timing, ahem, of the Apple Watch release hasn’t been determined but they said it will be next year. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus comes out on September 16 so of course there’s already a queue at every Apple store on the planet right now.

This article originally appeared on The Debrief.

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