Here’s Everything We Know So Far About The New iOS 10 Update

Apart from the fact it broke people's phones...awkward

Here’s Everything We Know So Far About The New iOS 10 Update

by Alyss Bowen |
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The latest version of Apple’s iOS updates was released yesterday. Either you already have it safely on your iPhone, or like us at The Debrief, you were unable to download it due to technical difficulties - but either way you're going to want to know what all the fuss is about. This is what we know so far.

1. Download issues

Other than most people not being able to download it (probably due to the amount of people trying) there were quite a few technical difficulties. The update means some users have found their phones left in a stuck state, and some users have complained that their iPads and iPhones are completely inoperable. There is a way to fix it though, through iTunes. Here’s how

Get on a computer with the latest version of iTunes that can support iOS 10 then connect your phone or iPad to it. Open iTunes and press and hold the home button until recovery mode starts and the screen asks you to plug it into iTunes. Click iTunes for a prompt to update or restore your device and select update to continue your iOS 10 upgrade. Then just sit and wait until it updates and you're done. Easy.

2. The Emojis

Oh hello brand new emojis with brand new makeovers. Look at that running man, he looks like he means serious business. The gun has been replaced with a water pistol and there are now more race variations, mutiple skin tones and they look more life like. In total there are 72 new emojis so the choice is yours.

Emoji tap is also being introduced – this means you can literally type out a sentence and when you select the emoji keyboard, the message app highlights words you could replace with emojis. 2016 futuristic keyboard? We think so.

Raise to wake

Pressing the home button to view all your notifications is over, now your phone’s accelerometer responds to you picking up your phone. When you pick it up the lock screen will light up to show you your latest notifications. Clever, right?

iMessage apps

As if we needed another reason to use apps like Uber and Deliveroo, they’re now available within iMessage. So you can order food, clothes or book your next trip away within the iMessage app.You can also draw your own livetime pictures within iMessenger. Well doesn't that sound like endless fun.

Voicemail transcriptions

Hate listening to voicemails? Now you don’t have to, the update means you can have your voicemails transcribed for you. Because we all need our own personal transcriber, don’t we.

Default apps

These can FINALLY be deleted. Wave goodbye to stocks and iPhone mail, wave goodbye.

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