Apparently We All Need To Start Drinking ‘Free-Range’ Milk

Asda are selling it - it's the first of it's kind in the UK, and it's looking good

Apparently We All Need To Start Drinking 'Free-Range' Milk

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Nut milk drinkers beware. The dairy-free trend is about to be replaced with the introduction of new fee-range milk due to hit the shops tomorrow, and critics are raving over it.

The milk industry has been hit hard recently, and the vegan trend hasn’t helped towards the closure of 1,000 dairy farms in the UK since 2013. After a survey found that 86% of peoplewanted milk from free-to-roam cows, farmers have been stepping up their game to help the animals and their businesses.

So now Asda has become the first major retailer in the UK to announce a new free-range milk, and it’s one we can all get behind. It means that the cows are ensured to have been free to graze outside for 180 days of the year AND it ensures a good price for the farmers, all confirmed with a Pasture Promise logo. Win win? There’s more.

It’s been proven that free-range milk is actually better for us, too. According to the Free Range Dairy Network ‘milk from grass contains higher levels of healthy fats like Omega-3 and Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)’. Asda will also be giving us the choice between creamy whole and healthy semi-skimmed, keeping everyone happy. And at just £1.50 (51p more than Asda’s regular milk) it’s a steal, too.

Good for the cows, good for the farmers, good for us and good for our purse? Winner.

Of course, there are still some that aren’t happy about the milk trade. Despite Asda’s guarantee that the cows will be outdoors for half the year, there is no laws behind what defines ‘free-range’ when it comes to the white stuff like there is with eggs. So those images of cows running through fields that we see on usual cartons can often be a big old lie. But Asda has been working with the Free Range Dairy Network to make sure they’ve got this one spot on.

To start, they're pumping out 70,000 liters of the stuff every week to 109 stores nationwide, but are on the lookout for where there is extra demand. So make it known that you want the good stuff and you could soon be finding happy milk in a shop near you.

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