This App Can Delete Drunk Text Messages Before Anyone Reads Them And It’s Amazing

Quite possibly the most useful app known to mankind

This App Can Delete Drunk Text Messages Before Anyone Reads Them And It's Amazing

by Alyss Bowen |
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Drunk texts are the absolute worst. Like worse than waking up from a night out and realising you’ve lost your keys and purse. Those you can replace. You cannot, however, replace that sicking, sinking feeling of sending a text telling that guy you’ve been dating for two weeks that he’s the one, ever. Your pride went out the window as soon as you sent that text.

But wait, what’s this – there’s a new app that has security settings to delete any trace of stupid drunk texts (or just stupid texts in general, you don’t have to be wasted) from the receivers phone.

Protect Your Privates can ‘recall’ your message with the tap of a button, erasing it from the server so it’s like you never sent it in the first place. It also has a function that stops people from taking screen grabs, so no message can come back to haunt you. We have all been saved, forever and can now get drunk safely knowing that if we do go to text someone we're crushing on, it's fine cause Protect Your Privates has got our backs.

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