If You Do One Thing Today Watch This Anna Wintour Sketch

If You Do One Thing Today, Watch This Anna Wintour Sketch


by Amy Lo |
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This is the year that Anna Wintour has shown us her Victoria Beckham-style sense of humour. First she had a hand in Zoolander's Valentino invasion, and now she has poked fun at herself in a sketch with talk show host Seth Meyers. Turns out she is the queen of deadpan.

Based on the 2009 documentary, The September Issue, we get a sneak-peek behind the scenes of *Late Night with Seth Meyers *which is run by Anna.

Decisions of the upmost importance are all run passed her. Astronaut or chicken costume, chattering teeth or whoopee cushion. All very crucial stuff.

The sketch shows the comedy writers dressed in tuxedos and ball gowns to try and impress Anna, but it doesn’t seem to do the trick as Anna says: “I don’t why they do that. They look ridiculous.”

She keeps her sunglasses on throughout the sketch, prompting Seth to day: “Did the sun rise in the studio or something? Let’s all put on our sunglasses so we can be like Anna Wintour!” But she’s quick to put Seth in his place by asking, “Are you done?”

Who knew Anna Wintour was such a laugh behind those shades? Watch the comedy sketch in the video below...

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