WATCH Joshington Post: Alesha Dixon Teaches You How To Rap and Dance Like Mis-Teeq

#FLASHBACKFRIDAY: Watch Alesha Dixon Show You How To Rap & Dance Like Mis-Teeq


by Josh Newis Smith |
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It’s time for your weekly go-to fashion vlog, Joshington Post: THE place for all the latest trends, style how to’s and the best celebrity guests.

Now, who doesn’t love a #flashbackFriday? Today we celebrate the start of the weekend in real style by harking back to the glory days of Mis-Teeq with “the celebrity who is literally layered like an onion” (to quote Joshington), Alesha Dixon.

Ever wanted to rap like Alesha, dance like Alesha or even pose/ take a selfie like Alesha? Well luckily for you the woman herself gives us some personal coaching. Before you know it you will be the act Simon Cowell has been looking for!

Are these outfits 'So so scandalous' or 'solid as a rock'? Alesha judges her own past style choices with Joshington Post in the video!

Speaking of Simon, Alesha also spills on what it is like to have the music mogal as a boss. Appaz he is a cracking practical joker and sometimes funnier than the actual professional comedian, David Walliams... who knew! Watch the video above to get the full low down.

If that wasn’t enough for you, Joshington challenges Alesha to review some of her old school style highs and lows… will they be so so so scandalous (bad) or solid as a rock (good)? We really went all out with the references in this video.

Watch the video to see Alesha show you how to take the perfect selfie with her SmashBox x HTC Desure 620 Selfie Kit. (HTC)

What are you waiting for? Watch the video above for a jolly good weekend lol with Alesha Dixon and Joshington Post PLUS find out if you have what it takes to be the forth member of Mis-Teeq... Joshington DOES apparently according to Alesha.

*Alesha Dixon is representing the SmashBox x HTC Desure 620 Selfie Kit- a limited edition makeup set designed for selfies, available here.

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