5 Stereotypes We’ve All Encountered At The Airport

Grazia Escapes

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1. The Patient

No, not someone in need of medical attention; just someone mid transit, off a long-haul flight, waiting for another to begin – a person in such a desperate need of sleep that he or she is willing to cast all prior dignity aside and fall to the floor, or bench, or closest ledge.

If you saw this anywhere else - a public park or the entrance to a dark alley - you would probably alert the emergency services, but in an airport we simply continue about our business and step carefully over their outstretched limbs.

2. The Drunk

Airports have a peculiar effect on us at times, like Christmas Day; we consider getting sozzled before breakfast absolutely fine.

3. The Flustered Parents

Mum and Dad, behaving like a military operation is about to ensue. Their struggle is real in the face of delay, hunger or illness and is bound to end in floods of tears (unless they get the iPad out in time).

4. Dress Code: Destination

Those dressed ready for when they arrive, rather than the journey ahead, are often the happiest. Dressed in linen shorts, flip flops and with a straw hat on occasion, even while stranded in the Costa Coffee bar in rain-washed Luton, waiting for their flight to be called, they are truly living the holiday dream.

5. The Mobile-Office Slave

Found in any coffee shop or café hitting the computer keys as if deadlines, not planes were flying by on the other side of the lounge window. Tip: MOS's are not good people-watching fodder. The frantic typing speed and strained-faces will cause unnecessary pre-fight anxiety.

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