An Airline Are Going To Have Child-Free Zones And It Has Divided The Internet

We're not saying it should go ahead, but if the option was there, we know what we'd choose...

An Airline Are Going To Have Child-Free Zones And It Has Divided The Internet

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Don’t lie, children are cute and all but every time you get on a flight I know you pray that there isn’t one sat near you. It can seem like putting children in a plane is like putting a wasp in a very large tin can and shaking it, they can just go a bit… mad.

Of course, I can only speak from experience, but it seems like at least once a year I’m welcomed to my holiday destination by a melody of toddler screams or backache from what I’m assuming is a vigorous aerobic routine going on behind my seat. Before you say it, yes, the odds are that I have been seated near children who were so well-behaved I just haven’t noticed they’re there, but there’s no denying that sometimes a bad flight leaves you feeling (and looking) like the girl from The Ring.

I seem to be joining many people with strong opinions on the presence of children on planes, so it’s no surprise that when Indian airline IndiGo announced plans for child-free zones on flights, twitter was a hotbed of opinion.

Some were all for the ‘quiet zones’:

While others seem like they’d rather ban intolerant adults:

Looks like I'll be keeping my opinion to myself on this one, now that mums know how to use Twitter.

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