Airbnb Are Now Offering A Netflix And Chill Room To Rent On A Saturday Night

A Netflix And Chill-themed Airbnb apartment can be yours on Saturday night for *just* £288. Did we mention that it's in New York and comes complete with Netflix branded sheets???

Airbnb Are Now Offering A Netflix And Chill Room To Rent On A Saturday Night

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Are you partial to an evening of ‘Netflix and chill’? Then this room to rent will be right up your street. For those not in the know, Netflix and Chill was the social media meme of 2015. And inviting someone over to 'Netflix and Chill' (probably over Tinder) is code for inviting them over for some casual fun times on the sofa, with the program playing in the background. Because heaven forbid we might actually want to take the opportunity to make some headway on Making A Murderer.

Anyway, if Netflix and Chill is your jam, then you might want to head over to NYC, where Netflix have teamed up with Airbnb to create an actual, IRL apartment for you to take your Netflix and Chill experience to the next level.


The room is only available on Saturday nights. Of course you have access to Netflix, it has a mini bar filled with alcohol, a digital projector for the program you wont be watching and branded Netflix bedding, just to remind you that it is a Netflix and chill night. And because nothing says keep the romance alive like branded bedsheets. In case you're interested the room was originally created by Tom Galle and Internet Art Company ART404 who decided they wanted to make the whole Netflix and chill meme come to life, IRL.

Snarking aside, given that millennials are more likely to be living with their parents than ever before, we can sort of see the appeal, to be honest.

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