Air Stewards Are Getting Their Revenge By Shaming Passengers On Social Media

But is it ever ok to shame someone for doing something a bit gross on a flight?


by Sophie Wilkinson |

We previously brought you the news that some sad sorts had made a game of taking photos of women eating on the tube then uploading the photos along with statistics about the eating (the most important one being the silent one that some pricks have way too much time on their hands) onto Facebook. It was basically agreed worldwide that this sort of stranger-shaming just shouldn’t happen.

But now, we’ve got a whole new sort of stranger-shaming where people working as air stewards and stewardesses, as well as passengers, take photos of people being dicks on planes.

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The blurb on

, which has 17,000+ fans, reads: ‘Are these assholes serious? Photos taken by anonymous flight attendants & passengers from all over the world. Don’t end up here.’

Its correlating Instagram page has 7,200 followers and the Twitter account has 700 likes.

The photos are of plane passengers with their feet between seats, their hair flowing over the back of the seat over the inflight entertainment screen of the passenger behind them, with their hands down the front of their pants as they sleep, wearing curlers or leaving a load of gross mess on the floor at the end of a flight.

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Now, we get that planes get a bit zoo-like, with so many people crammed in over huge distances for hours and hours. Just like having to pay extra for baggage and feeling your ears pop when you land, seeing a whole load of human behaviours that you just wouldn’t catch anywhere else (unless you’ve got a foot fetish) are just everyday annoyances of flying.

But surely everyone’s in the same situation? Everyone falls asleep with a tendency to shove their hand near to their crotch, or with a subconscious inclination to flail their limbs about as they sleep… so we shouldn’t really shame them for that. And for the women with curlers in their hair? So what if they want to look well-groomed on arrival. They’re not hurting anyone else, right?

When it comes to people leaving rubbish all over the floor, letting their toddlers use potties in the aisle or rubbing their feet on every surface available, we get that there’s an unsanitary vibe going on there. And we’d certainly never condone acting like animals even in those airlines’ packed quarters. However, using their faces is a bit off – you kind of think that aeroplanes are a private-ish place.

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We understand why staff who clean and tidy planes might get annoyed at chewing gum left everywhere, rubbish strewn about the place and general bad behaviour. If these photos could shame people into behaving better on the plane and realising that someone has to tidy up after them, then fair enough.

But something tells us, if you’re a passenger stuck behind someone’s feet for a long journey, it’s actually a lot more time-effective to give them a polite word about upsetting you. After all, it’s not like you get Wi-Fi in the air. And if it’s bad enough having someone’s feet in your ear all journey, you’re just doubling your angst by adding on the extra hassle of having to wait X hours to upload a photo of said feet to Facebook.

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