Adolf Hitler Was Into That Weird Sex Move That’s Too Much Even For You

There's not a lot that shocks us here at The Debrief. However...

Adolf Hitler Was Into That Weird Sex Move That's Too Much Even For You

by Jess Commons |
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We're pretty open ladies here at The Debrief. More than once we've been told off in the office for talking about dildos too loudly. Also, one of our proudest moments? Being nominated for a search traffic award (yep, those exist, yep the awards ceremony was wild) for our Google ranking on the phrase 'double penetration'.

Basically, there's not a lot that shocks us.

Enter Hitler and his horrible, horrible sex life.

It's been well-reported that the mass murderer, psychopath and all-round terrible, awful genocidic (is that a word? It should be a word) maniac had somewhat unusual deformities concerning his genitals - which reportedly came in the form of a micropenis and one tiny ball. Now though, new information from a profile created by the Allies on the Nazi leader has claimed that Hitler was also a 'coprophiliac' or someone that likes to have sex using poo. Cool.

According to the Daily Star, this manifested itself in Hitler's fetish for (sorry) 'a women crouching down over his face and doing a number two into his mouth.'

Even more disturbingly, it seems that Hitler's niece was one of the few people he allowed himself to 'go this far' with. The niece, Geli Raubal, ended up dead shortly after. Another man who reportedly knew about Hitler's perversion, Ernst Rohm, was murdered in The Night Of The Long Knives in 1934 when a lot of people who angered Hiter also met their ends.

The psychoanalyst who prepared the report, Walter Charles Langer, said 'Patients of this type rarely do and in Hitler's case it is highly probable that he has permitted himself to go this far only with his niece, Geli. The practice of this perversion represents the lowest depths of degradation.'

Happy Monday.

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