This Is Abuse Campaign Recruits Vloggers To Educate Young Men

The UK Home Office turns to YouTube to raise sexual consent awareness in boys


by Holly Peacock |

The This Is Abuse campaign is an initiative from the UK Home Office which aims to raise awareness of abuse within the relationships of young people.

You will probably have seen the TV advert featuring Nikki Sanderson, from Hollyoaks. In fact, you've probably seen lots of adverts tackling abuse which speak directly to women. And yesterday, the campaign recruiting a series of Vloggers in a bid to extended it's message to young men. The topics include sexting, body language and controlling behaviour.

The Vloggers, such as Mandem on the Wall and Twist and Pulse who already speak to a young male audience, released a video with the title 'Are you in the know about relationships?' on their owned YouTube channel. The interactive videos intertwine with other bloggers in a quiz-style format and allow users to identify issues surrounding sexual consent privately before being given the option to publish their results on social media channels.

Crime Prevention Minister Norman Baker who developed the campaign said 'abuse in teenage relationships does happen, but boys often do not recognise the signs'

We agree - too often boys often get forgotten when it comes to abuse education. It's assumed consent is something they should just 'get.' A smart move.

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This article originally appeared on The Debrief.

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