7 Facebook Reactions We Wish They Were Introducing

Facebook Reactions are coming - so now they'll be six ways to emote after someone tells you they've got a new house, job or dog. But we want more...

7 Facebook Reactions We Wish They Were Introducing

by Stevie Martin |
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Facebook are replacing the Like button. Yep. Not only will you be able to let someone know whether you have enjoyed or not enjoyed their post - it'll now be via the medium of a 'reaction' button to ensure you can fully explore the full gamut of emotions the human mind is capable of.

Happy? Sad? Like a bottomless pit of emptiness? Instead of one expression, there'll be six ways to emote after someone tells you they've got a new house, job or dog.

But this isn't enough. We want more. Six emotions don't cover how we feel while scrolling through our newsfeed - we've found seven after doing a quick whip round of the office. And we want them available now, please.

Take these for examples...

1. Someone posts about their incredible upcoming job, dog, novel, modeling contract, upcoming, life.

Suitable response:

2. Someone posts a link to a really intelligent looking article about the IMF that makes you feel stupid and immature.

Suitable response:

3. Your ex posts a picture of absolutely anything you care to imagine on their wall.

Suitable response:

4. Someone you currently fancy posts a status asking if anyone knows a cheap plumber in Deptford.

Suitable response:

5. Your parents/extended family post an 'amusing' comment on your wall

Suitable response:

6. Your mate posts an insanely hot bikini picture

Suitable response:

7. Facebook reminds you it's someone's birthday. Again.

Suitable response:

I mean, quite frankly there are a billion potential responses that emojis just won't quite cover, but these seven are a good place to start. Or maybe we could just, y'know, keep the like button and save the reactions for... comments? No. That would be too crazy. Sorry for suggesting it.

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