The 7 Best Humans Of New York Stories

The ones that touched our hearts and gave our tear glands a prod

The 7 Best Humans Of New York Stories

by Mollie Wintle |
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Unless you've been living under a rock in North Korea you'll know exactly what Humans of New York is. You'll have seen it on Facebook. You'll have nodded at the various 'humans of' spin-offs. You might even have had a favourite post yourself. For all you Korean-rock-dwellers (hello!), HONY is a blog, and now book, that features portraits and interviews collected in the streets of New York. It's hugely popular, with over 16 million followers on Facebook. The posts are alternately funny, sad, inspiring and, just occassionally, worth skipping. We've sifted through 'em and found the best of the best.


Ramon! If only you could come to Tufnell Park and do the same thing when I press snooze! Just kidding. You are lovely.

Forget Hannah Horvath. This boy should have an HBO series and it should be called 'Humans.'

If you identified with the boy above, why not follow this guy?! You'd never think 'I smoked a joint and came up with this outfit' would turn out so well, would you.

At first glance an unequal match perhaps, but actually a reminder that it's always nice to give and receive thanks.

Yep. For ever complaining about anything, nominally getting up early.


I, too, am sure he was bothered by your light.

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