4 iPhone SE Features We Actually Give A Shit About

The price tag is prettttttty appealing

4 iPhone SE Features We Actually Give A Shit About

by Alyss Bowen |
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You may, or may not have heard that Apple have just revealed the new iPhone SE. Supposedly a smaller, cheaper smartphone (well thank you Apple for releasing this after we’ve all just purchased our expensive iPhone 6s'.) with the same functions as the iPhone 6s, but in iPhone 5 size. Confused yet? We are. There’s lots of talk about a new metal body, colours and whatever else Apple has up it’s expensive sleeve, but these are the features we actually give a shit about. You can watch a video about all the functions in length here.

1. Longer battery life

About bloody time. If this is actually true does this mean we can wave goodbye to carrying around chargers wherever we go? We’re not sure, but Apple are promising a battery that doesn’t die two hours after leaving the house.

2. CPU Performance

Ok, so we don’t fully understand what CPU performance is, but we do know that our iPhone 6s performs a hell of a lot better than the iPhone 5 did – so the SE is essentially an iPhone 6, disgusted in an iPhone 5s' body. That means double the speed and better graphics performance, working 3 times faster than the 5s. Cool, right?

3. 12MP iSight camera and true tone flash

Hellllloo perfect selfie camera for lowlight selfie conditions. Out in a bar feeling your makeup but the lights are too dark? Have no fear, the iSight SE camera is here. The true tone flash is 3 times brighter than normal and picks up the ‘truest tones’ of the person in the picture.

4. The price tag

The iPhone 6s starts at a staggering £539. What twentysomething girl can afford £539 outright? No one, that’s who, or else we wouldn't all be on equally expensive £40 a month phone contracts. The iPhone SE, however, starts at £359. Still pricy, but almost £200 cheaper. Meaning we can eat out more or buy those Converse COMME des GARCONS trainers we've been eyeing up with the left over money.

Now, we're not saying we're going to rush out and buy an iPhone SE on March 24th, we just got a 6s, alright. Maybe in like two years when this contract runs out we'll take the plunge though.

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