People Are Sharing What House You Can Get For $250,000 In Their Hometown

In London, it will literally get you a parking space. Anyone else up for moving to Tallahassee, Florida?

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by Jess Commons |

Housing crisis? Yeah. That's happening.

Although, it seems, not everywhere is struggling...

Over on Reddit today, users are sharing what $250,000 (£196,000) will get you in terms of a place to live in their hometown. Some submissions make you want to weep with despair, some with joy.

Basically, let's all move to Florida. Even if they did vote for Trump.

Tallahassee, Florida.

Five bedrooms, four bathrooms. This place is a literal palace. Seriously, go and look at the rest of the pictures. FML.

Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 11.38.43 AM

Submitted by elboro5000


I mean, apart from the cold, Minsk is starting to look pretty nice. How cute is this place?

Submitted by dreamtec

Amamzioti, South Africa

Overlooking the sea, front garden, back garden, balcony, swimming pool, four bedrooms... What the hell man.

Submitted by thecoolrobot

Katy, Texas

Five bedrooms, three bathrooms, a game room, and a 'media room'. WTF is a media room. Oh, THIS is a media room. Not sure about the red but omg imagine having a separate room to watch media in.

Submitted by freshbreeze987

Chicago, Illinois

One bedroom, one bathroom. Plus the building's got a swimming pool and you can buy a parking space for an extra $30k. Bargain.

Submitted by krsvbg

San Francisco

A LOT of people in the thread were complaining about San Fran. It's actually worse than London. TBF though, I did find this shack. It's in Visitacion Valley which, according to local resident Ntrench, features 'a high concentration of crime with break-ins, theft and assaults filling the police blotter. News reports indicate that victims of murders are sometimes found in the lakes and ponds of this area.'

Sacramento, California

It's not much to look at but it's got three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a whirlpool bath so, you know, swings and roundabouts.

Submitted by Mimmerzzz

Auckland, New Zealand

It's a studio. A nice studio. But still a studio. It is in a dead nice building though.

Submitted by NoXmasForJohnQuays

Durham, UK

Two bedrooms and just one mile from the city centre where the university looks like Hogwarts. A no brainer really.

Submitted by TheLittleVintage

Tokyo, Japan

This 'studio'. It does have a balcony though. Handy for um, fresh air in one of the biggest cities in the world. Think this is the shower, although it might be the whole place.

Submitted by daisychan

Raisio, Finland

The cutest house on the list! I don't read Finnish but I think it has five bedrooms?

Submitted by Blebianboi

Mexico City

Three bedrooms, still in a city, good location... not too shabby. Mexico City we're coming for you!

Submitted by syncopacetic.

London, UK

A parking space. An actual fucking parking space. The real kicker? $250,000 works out at £196,000. This parking space is £200,000. You couldn't even afford the parking space. What the actual fuck.


Submitted by hedonometer

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