22 Common Bugbears For The Modern Girl

Holes in tights, buffering, splitting the menu...here's a list of everyday annoyances we all experience from time to time...


by Sophie Wilkinson |
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The world is full of annoyances. With every technological advance we get, com a few setbacks. You might write them off as middle class problems, but they’re still edges on a way of life that should probably be pretty streamlined by now. That’s what Mobileslots, a company who surveryed 700 people about their bugbears told The Metro: ‘Modern life has given us some real positives. But there are some aspects of it which really get our goat’.

Their survey threw up 50 results, but some of them – Tulisa, The One Show, ‘constant DFS adverts’, small talk and the clocks changing just don’t annoy us that much. So we thought we’d do our own list of bugbears, the sorts that might affect you, our daily-blighted readers. Obvs there are hugely serious things like catcalling and violence, but we’re keeping this strictly non-criminal offences.

  1. Holes in tights that are big enough to go around a toe but then just squeeze really tight around the toe.

  2. When someone walks into our bag when we’re walking along the train platform at a perfectly reasonable pace.

  3. When you’re on the inside seat in the bus and you say ‘excuse me’ and the person in your way just shuffles to the side so you have to sidle across with your bum in their lap for a split second.

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  1. When your sock goes under your foot in your shoe

  2. When you get mascara or liquid eyeliner on your upper eye-lid and nobody tells you about it.

  3. When your iPhone charger is plugged in but it keeps on buzzing and never actually charges your phone

  4. £1.50 cloakrooms

  5. The dot dot dot when someone you fancy is texting you, or any ‘read’ feature on social media that doesn’t have a response under it.

  6. Really thought-out template messages on dating websites that you get from people too lazy to give you individual attention.

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  1. When you make a drink for your journey to the club but then you can’t quite finish it before you get to the club so you down a plastic bottle of squintingly-strong vodka.

  2. Uber

  3. Missing an episode of something really good on iPlayer/4OD/ITV player

  4. Buffering

  5. Really bad films on Netflix getting rated with five stars so you watch them then they’re crap and that’s two hours of your life (plus buffering) that you’ll never get back again.

  6. Other people’s avocadoes on Instgram. ALSO while we're at it, the fact you can no longer edit videos on Instagram.

  7. No one liking your Instagram photo and you have to hashtag it to get some love.

  8. People wasting water/electricity/gas/milk (the pitfalls of living in tightly-enclosed spaces with loads of people you’d probably otherwise really get on with)

  9. People singing really loudly to songs and not knowing the words.

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  1. Scouting For Girls/The Script

  2. Splitting the bill and having to pay for everyone else’s booze and expensive dinners

  3. No-one knowing what to do on a night out so you end up pounding the streets for hours before queuing at a place no-one even likes

  4. Not knowing how to greet someone, so hugging them really closely for a few seconds.

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