This 21-Year-Old Woman Added A Third Boob To Make Herself Less Attractive To Men

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by Fiona Byrne |
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Well, this is insane. A 21-year-old Florida woman has had a boob job, not to enhance her existing cleavage but to add a third boob.

It initially looked like one of those bonkers ‘aliens abducted me’ stories, but Jasmine Tridevil's posted a few images to her Instagram account that appear to actually show that she has three boobs, as do her YouTube videos.

It begs a million questions; not least how on earth does a surgeon add a boob? Apparently, after searching through over 50 doctors, Jasmine found one to perform the weird surgery. The surgeon took skin tissue from her abdomen, added an implant and placed it between her two real breasts. She hasn’t named the doctor, though, as he/she could get in trouble.

‘It was really hard finding someone that would do it too because they’re breaking the code of ethics,’ she told Real Radio FM. ‘But I got a breast implant and a mini implant to make it look like there’s a nipple poking out.’

While plenty of women get boob jobs to feel more attractive, Jasmine says she got hers to actually be less attractive to men, saying: 'I got the procedure because I wanted to turn off guys. Most guys would think that was weird and gross’.

In addition to Instagram and Facebook photos, she also has a YouTube page showing her and her three boobs dancing to Radiohead’s Creep, and it’s had almost 800,000 views so far.

We’d find it to be totally unbelievable and fake, but she’s said on social media that she’s coming to New York for interviews on well-known network TV shows and radio shows, so maybe the whole thing is actually for real?

Adding a third boob is crazy to even try to comprehend on a physical level, but that pales in comparison to what must go through one’s mind in order to have such an operation. She’s openly admitted to craving fame and is starting a reality show called *Jasmine’s Jugs *(yes really), and her ‘ultimate goal’ is to get it on MTV, so we guess some people really are that desperate to be famous. Adding a third boob is definitely a creative and unique way to do it. Still though, mind blown.

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