What 2016 Has In Store For Social Media

The Social Media Apps You HAVE To Know About This Year


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It’s a really sinking feeling when you start waxing lyrical about a new social media app to friends, only to hear they've been using it for months. That "where have you been?" look leaves you reeling with embarrassment – it’s a far better plan stay ahead of the game.

Which is why you should check out these three social media sites (if you haven't already). We reckon they're the ones to watch for 2016...


Taking a leaf out of Instagram's book, Hyper is making waves as a photo-sharing app. The app is laid out in a similar format, allowing users to edit photos and share them to followers. What's novel about it? The Reddit-esque twist. Users will be able to up-vote and down-vote photos on their feeds with the most popular content coming up first.

Social media with a competitive edge? We like it.


If Instagram and Snapchat got married, Shots would be their child. Users post and view photos in the way they do on Instagram, but are unable to comment on them. To do that, they have to use a messaging tool (which is where the Snapchat likeness comes in).

This app is a godsend to all selfie addicts because it only uses the front-facing camera (get ready for lots of gym, contouring and #shameless selfies). Yes, it may sound simple, but the best ideas often are.


Perhaps most exciting of all, is the return of Bebo – the social media site which went the way of Myspace in 2009, as a result of Facebook’s impressive 2006 take off. The new Bebo is a mix between WhatsApp and Snapchat, relying mainly on social messaging.

Now, with a brand new app, users can create individual avatars (icons made by the user to look like themselves), send each other doodles and use hashtags to communicate with one another.

Will it be second time lucky for Bebo? Only time will tell…

By Emma Calder

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